We provide the following services:

  • Property boundary services
  • Land subdivision & management
  • Surveys for net lettable areas
  • Strata developments
  • As-built surveys
  • Civil engineering surveys
  • Construction surveys /building set-out
  • Application surveys to amend Title
  • Feature and level surveys / site analysis
  • Town Planning
  • Urban, rural & industrial
  • Low, medium high density developments

Land & Building Subdivisions and Management

  • Subdivision from (2 LOTS TO 1000 LOTS)
  • Searching of survey information at the Land Registry and Central Plan Office.
  • Re-establishment and marking of title corners
  • Correspondence to all relevant authorities
  • Preparation of Plan of Subdivision to the local Council for subdivision permit and certification
  • Locate units if necessary to enable Form 13 to be submitted to Council
  • Obtain subdivision permit, certified Plan of Subdivision and Statement of Compliance from Council.
  • Preparation of Surveyor's Abstract of Field Records and Surveyors Report.
  • Provide all relevant survey documents to be lodged at the Land Registry.

Re-Establishment Surveys / Property Boundaries

If you are building on the boundary line or disputing the position of the boundary line with your neighbour it is good idea to do a re-establishment survey.

This will include searching of survey information at the Land Registry and Central Plan Office. Re-establishment of boundaries and marking of corners. Preparation of Plan of Survey.

Consolidation of Titles

By plan or survey and lodgement to Council.

Creation and Removal of Easements

By planning permit or by agreement under the Transfer of Land Act

Owners Corporations

We create Owners Corporation schedules.

Surveys for net Lettable Areas

We can prepare survey plans showing the area to be let for commercial and retail use, especially space in shopping malls.

Civil Engineering Surveys

Set-out roads, earthworks, dams, water & sewerage mains, calculate cut/fill volumes and route surveys.

Application Surveys to Amend Title

  • Section 103 TLA
  • Section 60 TLA
  • Section 99 TLA

Removal of Warning (as to dimensions) Under section 26P Transfer of Land Act Convert old general law title to Torrens title by survey under Section 15 Transfer of Land Act.

Application Surveys to Land Registry for Adverse Possession Claims and Amendment of Title Boundaries

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Neighbourhood and Description Plans for Development Permits

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Feature and Level Surveys for Design Purposes:

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Clause 56 Town Planning Reports and Estate Design

  • Rescode Clause 54, 55 and 56 Design Response Reports
  • VCAT (Mediates representation)
  • Planning Advice and obtain any type of planning permit
  • Rezoning Application

Engineering and Construction Surveys

(Hourly rates) We can provide all relevant survey work in relation to set out of roads, dams, earthworks, and services for new estates. Set out for concrete and steel structures, holding down bolts, As built surveys

Lease Surveys (BOMA Surveys)

Surveys for retail, office space and warehouses to calculate the area to be leased

Level Survey for Flood Prone Areas

We can determine the Floor level of building to be constructed 300mm above the hundred years Flood Level as specified by Melbourne Water.

Use of GPS Surveys for Various Applications

Asset management Ground control for Aerial photograph Large feature surveys

Plan Presentation

We can supply both hard and soft copies of the data captured. We provide AutoCAD drawing files or DXF files which can be imported into other software package.